Our Team

ResponseForce1 is operated by a team of experienced Emergency Management Professionals. Key resumes include:

Robert Hull

Robert (Bob) Hull - President and CEO - joined ResponseForce1 in May of 2010 during the MC252 (BP Oil Spill) oil spill.  On that engagement, he performed duties as the Logistics Chief at base camp Shell Beach in St. Bernard, Louisiana. He later performed duties as the Base Camp Manager for the Shell Beach and Delacroix sites.  During the end of the deployment, he worked directly with the U.S. Coast Guard, responsible for finding all vessels that participated in the project, to ensure an accurate accounting and demobilization of said vessels. He also maintained a 100% inspection rate on all equipment and supplies associated to the spill.

Bob participated as a logistics manager for Emergency generator services, after the catastrophic ice storms that hit Pennsylvania in 2014.  In 2011, he performed duties as the Security Manager at the Stolthaven Chemical plant in Braithwaite, Louisiana, after Hurricane Isaac. In 2012 he responded to Linden N.J. after Super Storm Sandy, where he served as Reports and Information Manager for a 4000 person base camp.  This camp was the largest ever built in the USA.

During his tenure as Vice President, Operations, Bob led all aspects of Information Technology, Accountability and Reporting operations for one of the largest mass-care shelters in the USA.  This complex environment includes multiple integrated technologies, including: servers; wireless; fiber optics; VSAT; mobile devices; ethernet; land mobile radios; RFID technologies; video surveillance systems; and managing a 7x24 staff of over 50 persons. Most recently, Bob has led efforts related the Border Crisis, as well as leading in the National Response to Covid-19 Pandemic, including a senior-level role in the rollout of Operation Warp Speed.

Mr. Hull is a 21 year Honorably Discharged, retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force (Special Operations), where he served in many leadership roles throughout his career. 

His certifications and awards include:

  • Facility Security Officer (FSO)
  • 10 and 30 hour OSHA certification
  • Hazwoper 20 and 40 hour courses
  • Completed CPR First Aid Instructors Course
  • Completed ICS training courses IS-001, IS-003, IS-005.a, IS-100.a, IS-100.HE, IS-100.Leb, IS-139, IS-200, IS-208, IS-230, IS-235, IS-240, IS-241, IS-242, IS-244, IS-301, IS-324.a, IS-340, IS-630, IS-700, IS-704, IS-775, IS-800, IS-801, IS-802, IS-805, IS-810 and IS-1900.
  • Certified CERT team member
  • Certified finger print technician
  • Anti-terrorist level 1 training
  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings- New Mexico Tech
  • Prevention of and Response to Suicide Bombings- New Mexico Tech
  • FEMA certified heavy equipment operator
  • Current TWIC card holder
  • Member of InfraGard

Steven Thompson

Steven Thompson – Chief Operations Officer – Joined ResponseForce1 in April of 2021. He came from several years of working in Government DOD contracts with DynCorp Intl. He was responsible for all medical services under the LOGCAP program but utilized his experience and knowledge to oversee and maintain multiple other projects ranging from Operations, Transitions, Deployment, and Demobilizations. He started his contracting carrier going to Afghanistan where he built a medical company from a few Paramedics covering a couple of locations to over 29 different sites utilizing 144 medical staff.

Before his contracting carrier, he was a North Carolina Paramedic where he achieved the rank of Captain with Pender EMS and Rescue.

Steve's project and disaster experience ranged from tactical operations as a Swiftwater Rescuer, Paramedic, SAR II -Search and Rescue, to include officers in the Incident Management Team. All weather disasters hitting eastern North Carolina since 1999 to 2010.


  • PMP - Master Certificate in Applied Project Management
  • NC Emergency Management -Type 1 Coordinator
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) EMT-T
  • Tactical Combat Causality Care-TCCC
  • USDOL Journeyman Paramedic
  • Emergency Management Professional
  • OSHA 10 and 30 Hour
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) / Incident Command System (ICS0
    • IS-00001 Emergency Program Manager An Orientation to the Position
    • IS-00003 Radiological Emergency Management
    • IS-00005.a An Introduction to Hazardous Materials
    • IS-00007 A Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance
    • IS-00027 Orientation to FEMA Logistics
    • IS-00029 Public Information Officer Awareness
    • IS-00100.b Introduction to Incident Command System ICS-100
    • IS-00102.c Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA Response Partners
    • IS-00120.a An Introduction to Exercises
    • IS-00200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, ICS-200
    • IS-00200.FW Basic Incident Command System, ICS-200, for Federal Disaster Workers
    • IS-00200.HC Applying ICS to Healthcare Organizations ICS-200 for Health Care/Hospitals
    • IS-00201 Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan
    • IS-00230 Principles of Emergency Management
    • IS-00235 Emergency Planning
    • IS-00240 Leadership & Influence
    • IS-00241 Decision Making & Problem Solving
    • IS-00242.b Effective Communication
    • IS-00244.b Developing and Managing Volunteers
    • IS-00288 Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency Mgmt.
    • IS-00393.a Introduction to Hazard Mitigation
    • IS-00634 Introduction to FEMA's Public Assistance Program
    • IS-00700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction
    • IS-00800.b National Response Framework, An Introduction
    • IS-00815 A-B-C's of Temporary Emergency Power
    • IS-00821.a Critical Infrastructure Support Annex
    • IS-01900 National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Federal Coordinating Center Operations

Edward Minyard

Edward Minyard Retired in 2020 as President and Chief Information Security Officer of ResponseForce1. He now serves as a Special Advisor to the company. He is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), Certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Certified in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).  Ed offers over forty years of experience in designing, implementing and managing diverse technology environments, and advising clients on adapting strategies to changing environments.  He has been actively involved in providing leadership during some of the largest disasters ever to impact North America.

Ed has served in leadership roles within several of the world's largest consulting and technology companies, including Accenture and Unisys.  As a Partner at Accenture, Ed was involved in their Business Continuity and Cyber Security Practices in the USA and Canada.  As Managing Partner, North America for the Emergency Management Practice of Unisys, he oversaw the delivery of Emergency Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Services to key Unisys clients, including the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and The City of New Orleans.  More recently, Ed has provided Crisis Management advisory services to several high-profile private sector companies, on a global basis.


  • Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information - Authorized User
  • Anti-terrorist level 1 training
  • Texas Licensed Security Officer
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) / Incident Command System (ICS)
    • IS 100
    • IS 200
    • IS 300
    • IS 400
    • IS 700
    • IS 701
    • National Response Framework (IS 800)
    • National Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan (IS 860)
    • Continuity of Operations Planning (IS 546 / 547)
    • Introduction to Exercises (IS 120.A)

Joseph Ringheisen

Joe RingHeisen - Direcor, Lositics and Operations - joined ResponseForce1 in Septenber of 2008, during the response to Hurricane Gustav. Joe was also responsible for the management and supervision of asset tracking of all equipment and material in the cleanup efforts of BP MC252. More recently, Joe has managed all Logistics for RF1, through numerous Presidentiall Declared Disasters, both CONUS and OCONUS. He has also led in the operations of Shelters for the Department of Health & Human Services, processing facilities for Customs and Border Patrol and response tot he Covid-19 Pandemic, including Operation Warp Speed. Joes's qualifications include: Emergency Preparedness Specialist / Debris Operations / Logistics Staff Augmentation, Safety Specialist. Florida State Certified Fire Fighter Qualiified Safety Officer. Education Citrus County Fire College (also attended county required classes.) Completion of 38 ICS courses with Fema. Completed NIMS requirements. Registrations, Certifications, and Licenses State Certified Fire, 40/80/160 Fire Training, First Responder, Incident Command Officer, Jaws Training, Bloodborn Pathogens, Safety Officer Training, Communications Certification Wildland / Urban Firefighter Driver Operator, Pumps & Hydralics. Confined Space Rescue

James L. (Jay) Bowden, CEM 

Mr. Bowden is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) with over 30 years experience, and is a FEMA Certified ICS Instructor. Jay has worked over 14 federally-declared disasters, including serving over 16 months in the New Orleans EOC following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He has completed all applicable federal professional development training as well as extensive training and experience in hazardous materials response. He is skilled in planning, exercise and program design and development. Jay is also an experienced liaison with public safety and health organizations related to homeland security (CBRNE) and disaster preparedness and exercises. He currently serves as an assessor for the national Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP), and was recently appointed as co-chair of a sub-committee looking to develop national standards for EOCs.

Jay is a Certified Flood Plain Manager, and has conducted numerous studies of risks, resulting in the development of Hazard Mitigation Plans.

He has worked at both the state and local Emergency Management agencies which has provided a wealth of experiences from mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. He field experience in response and recovery makes him uniquely qualified in planning, training and exercise. He has extensive experience working with the public health, hospitals and EMS in preparing for MCI events as well as Bioterrorism and pandemic preparedness.

A milestone accomplishment was working with the City of New Orleans to rewrite their emergency operations plans, including a City Assisted Evacuation Plan. He has also worked extensively with NIMS compliance, as well as EOC layout design for 6 sites in New Orleans.

Over the past 2 years he has served as a facilitator and/or player in over 15 exercises involving terrorism intervention, post incident response as well as hurricane exercises.

Eder J. Holguin

Mr. Holguin is a Homeland Security expert, with additional qualifications in the fields of Safety and Training.  He has been a Commissioned Security Certification with Texas Department of Public Safety since 1988 and a Qualified Security Manager with Texas Department of Public Safety since 2002.  He is a Member of The Central Texas Emergency Planning Committee and is a Certified Emergency/Disaster Planner by the Central Texas Planning Association.

Other important qualifications include:

  • NIMS compliant: IS 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800.
  • HIECS instructor Center for Disaster Preparedness/ US. Department of Homeland Security
  • Certified by the Center for Disaster Preparedness/ US. Department of Homeland Security WMD Technical Emergency Response Cobra Training Center
  • Certified instructor for the Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings, Administered by New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center of New Mexico Tech./ Center for Disaster Preparedness/ US. Department of Homeland Security
  • Certified Suicide Bombers Anti-Terrorist Course Instr
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Instructor
  • Texas Licensed Security Operations Manager
  • Certified Instructor on IED Identification and Disposal New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
  • Certified PPE Assessment Instructor Department of Homeland Security Anniston Alabama
  • HAZWOPER First Responder Trainer in Accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Association

 Mr. Holguin’s accomplishments include:

  • Assisted in the development of the City of Austin EOC-EOP
  • Developed a Threat Level indicator for the Central Texas Emergency Planning Committee
  • Managed a Team of 32 Security Officers and 27 Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers for over 23 years.
  • Developed, trained and implemented EOP/EAP for the Central Texas Hospital Planning committee, including several City and County Wide Disaster Drills involving EMS, Fire, National Guard, Law Enforcement, Hospitals, Transportation, Utilities, and The University of Texas

Mr. Holguin has served with RF1 during several Presidentially-declared disasters, including Hurricane Ike, the Gulf Oil Spill, Hurricane Isaac (Stolthaven Chemical Spill), and Hurricane Sandy.

He currently serves as our Director of Government Services.

Captain James Krieger

Captain Krieger's background includes establishing and serving as Director of the Risk Assessment, Target Hazard (RATH) Task Force of the Center for Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness of the New York City Fire Department. In that role, his responsibilities included determining parameters for the All-Hazard assessment of over 800,000 locations in New York City, designing and implementing the logistical exercise plan for the FDNY's participation in City-Wide exercises, serving as a Member of the FDNY Type II Incident Management Team and as a Member of the FDNY Exercise Design Team. In this last role, he designed and served as a controller and evaluator for 3 city wide full-scale exercises and 5 FDNY exercises: Both Tabletop and full-scale.

His Certifications and Awards include:

  • Hazardous Material Technician Level 2
  • FEMA certified ICS instructor (ICS 100-400)
  • NYC CDL with Haz-Mat endorsements
  • ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800
  • FEMA certified emergency manager

Awards and Decorations

  • Unit citation L-39 for meritorious service performing a rescue
  • Commendation medal for operations at The World Trade Center
  • Commendation medal for operations during Hurricane Katrina

Ready Reserves
ResponseForce1 has a database of  highly experienced Ready Reserves, capable of being deployed anywhere within 72 hours of an event.


ResponseForce1 is always seeking on-call personnel to fill the following positions supporting our deployments:

Logistics, Operations, Planning. Safety, Finance, IT Technician

ResponseForce1 is also interested in persons with a background in:

Shelter Management; Hazard Mitigation Planners; COOP Planners; ICS Instructors;  Operations Planners.

The above position must be available for rapid deployment within 48hrs of notification for our staff.

If you'd like to join our team, please email us at info@responseforce1.com.